Farrel, a genius junior high school student of SPENSASED (SMPN 1 SEDATI).  There are some students that has the same name. But the Farrel that the writer talk about here is the one that sit in 3.8 class. You think he is different? NO, he is NOT. He has creativity and big imagination. You know what?, he is amazing in drawing comic. He always upload his comic on his Instagram. His followers are amazing, they are 2526 followers. Maybe it can be more than that. Most of them are comicus too. Sometimes they have collaboration of their comic characters.  

Farrel firstly like to draw when he was in the third grade of elementary school. At that time he likes to draw human. His drawing then grow better and better. When he step to junior high school he start to make his comic. He has different way to draw his comic. Maybe some people will say that he has not sense of art because his drawing is not draw in a good form. But for some others comicus his comic is unique and has character.  The theme of Farrel comics are different per episode. The theme is inspired by his experiences, daily life, and sometimes from the lesson or knowledge that he got. The character of his comic has simbol “F” and always wear green T-shirt , it is because he really like green color.

Farrel’s comics can make us realize about what happen in our environment. His creativity can inspire us to do more and grow our ability. Wish that Farrel can make it better and grow his comic series to be comic book with many readers.

If you want to have his update comics just follow his instagram @ farrelcomics